Convening a Symposium on Pollution Sources and Actively Cooperating with the Census Work

Date: 2018-11-29
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On the afternoon of September 27, 2018, the company held a symposium on pollution sources in the conference room on the second floor to make arrangements for the company's environmental protection work. General Manager He Jiangang and Deputy General Manager Fan Dali attended the meeting. Heads of departments attended the meeting. Team leaders and relevant personnel in charge of environmental protection work attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Deputy General Manager Fan Dali.The meeting first conveyed the spirit of the Notice of the State Council on the Second National Pollution Source Census and the Notice of Household Investigation issued by the Office of the Hunan Eco-environmental Protection Committee, and made arrangements for the company's environmental protection work. Firstly, each department should conduct a special working meeting on pollution sources of Lockheed Company in terms of system and work, investigate and thoroughly rectify it. Secondly, individual departments should speed up the work of EIA and formulate measures to solve the problems raised by experts. Thirdly, all departments should make a thorough investigation after the meeting, and report the existing problems and rectification to the comprehensive Department of the company according to the time node. Finally, all departments should attach great importance to this work, and individual departments should focus on the investigation of pollution sources on the work site.

General manager he jiangang stressed that the meeting should pay attention to the five spirit in place, namely the ideological understanding in place, work responsibility in place, hidden trouble investigation in place, system construction in place and the implementation of rectification in place. The importance and seriousness of environmental protection work should be reflected. He asked participants to attach great importance to environmental protection work, and actively implement the rectification.

Executive deputy general manager fan Dali put forward three requirements for the company's environmental protection work. First, all department heads must have a clear understanding of the situation, improve the level of political thought, and strive to do a good job in environmental self-inspection and rectification work. Second, led by minister hu jiansheng, the production department and the comprehensive department shall inspect the environmental protection work of all departments of the company. Third, the whole staff should be mobilized to strengthen the idea that everyone is a participant and everyone is a beneficiary. Through efforts, the company can make its environment cleaner and the sky bluer.

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