Hunan Premixed Mortar Association Held Summary of Work in 2018 and Symposium on Work in 2019

Date: 2019-04-24
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On January 22,Hunan Premixed Mortar Association Held Summary of Work in 2018 and Symposium on Work in 2019members of the Provincial Premixed Mortar Industry Association and the Premixed Mortar Industry Association of Prefectures gathered together to reflect on the receipt and experience of 2018, make a good work plan for 2019, and continue to contribute to the cause of Premixed Mortar in Hunan Province.

At the beginning of the meeting, Secretary-General Yue reviewed the development of trade associations in 2018. The first is the continuous improvement of premixed mortar production capacity and the growing of the industry team.The second is the effective improvement of quality control level, the provincial premixed mortar production supervision system networking and its successful operation, to ensure that the quality of premixed mortar in our province further stabilizes and improves to provide an important technical guarantee for supervision. Third, the market order is moving towards benign development, and vicious competition behavior has been curbed. All member units adhere to the principle of 'first contract first' and compete fairly according to the standard quotation of 'Construction Cost'.

With the promulgation of 'Premixed Mortar Management Measures' in cities and municipalities, the results of site prohibition have become increasingly obvious, and the premixed mortar industry has entered a period of rapid development. Provincial associations in 2019 plan to carry out work from the following aspects: First, do a good job in market supervision and management, strictly prohibit vicious competition within the industry, to achieve fair, orderly, reasonable and legal, to ensure the healthy development of industry associations. The second is to organize industry market research, collect enterprises'demands and provide industry suggestions to government departments. Third, to promote new technology and experience in mortar production, related industrial projects, and scientific management model of green mortar enterprises. Fourth, explore the creation of a fund platform to help member units to raise funds and withdraw money. Fifth, organize technical training and skills competition of mortar enterprises.

Members of the meeting said that since the establishment of Hunan Premixed Mortar Industry Association, relying on the guidance of the competent authorities and the support of brothers, the efforts of each member unit have made achievements in all aspects, but we still need to unite and consolidate the foundation for the healthy development of Hunan Premixed Mortar Industry.


Hunan  Premixed Mortar Association Held Summary of Work in 2018 and Symposium on Work in 2019

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