Zhang Jian, Chairman of Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce, visited renjian mortar

Date: 2018-11-29
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On the morning of October 21, 2018, Zhang Jian, chairman of Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce, visited Renjian mortar. Yang Guanglin, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Peng Jiqiu, Vice Chairman of the Changsha Municipal Association of Industry and Commerce, Xu Quan, Vice Chairman of the Liaison Office of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chen Juan, Vice Chairman of the Liaison Office of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Huang Yu, Director Group Chairman Yang Lixin, Company Chairman Yang Juan and General Manager He Jiangang lead senior executives to accompany the survey.


Chairman Zhang Jian and his delegation first visited the renjian mortar production system. General Manager He Jiangang introduced the basic situation of the enterprise and the achievements made in the industry.The company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, continuously increases scientific and technological input, and reserves technological strength.According to the market demand, more than a dozen products have been developed to meet the different needs of customers, and a well-known 'Renjian Mortar' brand has been formed in the market.The company has cooperated with traffic science research of Changsha University of Science and Technology successively, and put forward the 'heavy traffic maintenance-free pre-maintenance rapid repair complete set technology' for Expressway heavy traffic maintenance, and implemented it, and achieved great results.At the same time, the company, together with Hunan Fenghuang New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and Air Force Engineering University, has jointly proposed the 'Airport Cement Concrete Pavement Life-cycle Maintenance and Fast Repair Technology Set', which has applied to the relevant departments for approval.Chairman Zhang Jian listened carefully to the enterprise report, highly agreed with the current business development of our company, and gave full recognition to the achievements of special mortar.


Soon afterwardschairman Zhang Jian and his delegation went deep into our laboratory. Professor Yuan Hang, Deputy Engineer, introduced epoxy mortar products and appearance, and stirred samples on site to explain its main characteristics and application scope.The experimental results show that epoxy mortar can harden rapidly and open traffic quickly when it is used in pavement repair.At the same time, the experimental data of mechanical properties of epoxy mortar show that epoxy mortar has excellent mechanical properties after rapid hardening.Chairman Zhang Jian sighed: 'Enterprise development must be based on product and technological advantages, rely on independent innovation, break through key technologies, to achieve high-quality and rapid development of enterprises.'


Then, Chairman Zhang Jian and his team held a symposium with senior executives of renjian  mortar.Renjian special mortar technology has applied for a number of patents, in the domestic leading level,professor Yuan Hang introduced four aspects of cooperation and consensus with Pakistan:(1) airport pavement maintenance;(2) civil engineering inspection, construction, safety assessment;(3)Bridge repair;(4) application of UHPC cement-based materials.In view of the high temperature and lack of rain in Pakistan,on the one hand, high airport temperature has a great impact on aircraft generators.On the other hand, combined with Pakistan's national conditions, the excellent performance of UHPC assembly building can be used for rapid repair of air force hangar and airport runway, permanent anti-corruption of army bunkers and naval ports.After the cooperation between China and Pakistan, our company will send people to Pakistan for technical training to contribute to the improvement of facilities in Pakistan.

Chairman Zhang Jian fully affirmed the achievements of Renjian Mortar at the Hunan Commodity Fair in Pakistan in 2018.At the same time, he hope that Renjian mortar will continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation to ensure that technology is in the leading position.We should step up publicity efforts to connect the 'one belt and one road' national development strategy, seize the development opportunities and speed up the pace of going out, so that more people can understand renjian  mortar and promote the technology of renjian  mortar.In addition, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, as the mother of private enterprises, builds a bridge between the government and enterprises to solve practical difficulties for enterprises and help private enterprises solve their problems.

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