Our company exchanges experience at the first third member meetings of Hunan Mortar Industry Associa

Date: 2018-11-29
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On May 18, 2018, Hunan Renjian premixed Dry Mortar Co., Ltd. was invited to  atend  the first third member meeting and experience exchange meeting of  Hunan Mortar Industry Association. Fan Dali, the company's deputy general manager and factory director  made a speech as a representative.

Since the establishment of Hunan renjian premixed dry mortar Co,.LTD, it has been committed to scientific and technological innovation, comprehensive utilization of resources, adhered to the development path of circular economy, energy-saving, efficient, green and environmental protection. With people's increasing attention to the environment, Changsha Municipal Government actively launched the 'Blue Sky Defense War' and advocated the concepts of 'green production', low-carbon environmental protection', 'energy-saving and high efficiency'. The company actively strengthened comprehensive utilization, promoted energy conservation and emission reduction, carried out deep processing and comprehensive utilization of waste generated in the production process, followed by green, environmental protection, circular economy and sustainable development. In order to meet the requirements of development, we should aim at maximizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental pollution, and adopt advanced equipment, technology and management measures to ensure the green production of ready-mixed mortar in the whole process.In 2017, it became the first two-star green building material label ready-mixed mortar enterprise in Hunan Province, and the first enterprise in Hunan Province to win ISO9000 certification system. It established the first laboratory of ready-mixed mortar production enterprise in Hunan Province, laying a solid foundation for the healthy and high-speed development of health mortar.

At the same time, in order to share data and information effectively and accurately, and provide the company with a brand-new concept of production and operation information management, in 2017 Renjian Mortar invested about 200,000 yuan to carry out ERP information system management by scientific means. With the help of database technology and network communication technology, the information sharing of various departments and groups of enterprises was effectively realized, and the company procurement and warehousing were realized. The integrated management of one-stop information, such as warehousing, contract management, production scheduling, quality and formula management, production, delivery and after-sales service, promotes the healthy development of the company.

Hunan renjian premixed dry mortar Co,.LTD, relies on excellent product quality and good faith-based service attitude in the increasingly fierce market, seizes the opportunity to complete nearly 200,000 tons of sales in 2017, and doubles its sales volume on the basis of 2016.

The development model and management concept of Renjian mortar were shared at  the first third member meeting and experience exchange meeting of  Hunan Mortar Industry Association, which provided the government, associations and brothers with the latest and more comprehensive understanding of the health mortar industry, and also contributed to the healthy development of the mortar industry.



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