Hunan Renjian Dry Mortar Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2012. It is the first large-scale enterprise dedicated to premixed mortar registered in the Hunan Province. The company registered capital of 10 million yuan, the actual investment of about 60 million yuan.Its main businesses include R&D, production and sales, logistics services and construction. With convenient transportation and excellent location, the company lies in Jinxia Economic Development Zone of Changsha City, close to Xiangjiang Avenue and Furong North Road, only 300 meters away from Changsha Port and 500 meters away from Sandstone Pier, and adjacent to Changsha City Ring Expressway.

Since its establishment, the company has actively advocated the enterprise spirit of “integrity, innovation, cohesion and responsibility”. The company cooperates with Zoomlion, the world's top 500 company, and brings in its environmentally-friendly dry mortar production line, jointly creating a “Global Demonstration for Zoomlion Dry Powder Mortar Equipment”, which can produce a variety of dry powder mortars. The main products are ordinary mortar, special mortar for aerating block and special mortar. The annual production capacity reaches 600,000 tons.

The company has been keeping investing into research and development of new products to improve the quality and performance of its products. It has successively cooperated with the Institute of Building Materials of Central South University, the Institute of Geotechnical Materials of Hunan Communications Polytechnic, the Institute of New Engineering Materials of Hunan University, and Hunan Tengda Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. so as to establish a production, learning and research base. High-tech materials for waterproofing and reinforcing anti-corrosion mortar for structures, special-purpose repair and reinforcement mortar, and waste gypsum plaster waterproof mortar are developed by the base.

In collarboration with Hunan Fenghang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Air Force Engineering University, the company proposed 'A set of full-life maintenance and rapid repair technology for cement concrete defects of Aircraft pavement ' which has been applied as an engineering project under relevant departments.

Cooperating with the Transportation Science Research Institute of Changsha University of Science and Technology and Hunan Tengda Geotechnical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., ' A set of rapid repair technology with no-support and pre-maintenance under heavy transportation ' was put forward by the company for solving the problem of heavy traffic maintenance in expressway. The implementation has achieved great success.

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